Why take the PSATs now?

161017_student_reading_bookYou’re going to take the SATs in your junior year, so why should you worry about taking the PSATs now? Actually, there are some very good reasons to take the test earlier.

Get a feel for what the test is really like. The stakes are high for your test scores in your junior year, so why not find out if you’re really prepared. There’s nothing like taking a test to help you feel confident when the important SAT test day comes along.

Learn your strengths and weaknesses. The types of questions you’ll encounter don’t change much from year to year, so the test will help you decide what areas to focus on most to help you earn a high SAT score.

It’s a practice run. Your PSAT scores in your freshmen or sophomore won’t count when it comes to admissions or scholarships.

Send a message. Taking the PSATs early shows colleges that you’re motivated to perform well and that you’re on the right track.

It’s inexpensive. The registration fee for the PSATs is $15.

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