Ten things you need to know before applying to a college



You hear it from everyone: Do your research before choosing a college, but what are you supposed to ask? And how will you know not only if it’s a good school, but a good school for you? Here are top things you’ll want to know before applying to a college.

Questions for admissions counselors:

1.    What is the graduation rate for students at your school? And what are the main reasons students don’t graduate on time?

2.    What percentage of students find employment in their area of study the year after graduating?

3.    How much personal attention am I likely to receive from my professors?

4.    What support services are available on campus?

5.    What scholarships might I qualify for? And what are the requirements for keeping those scholarships?

Questions for current student or alumni:

1.    Why did you decide to attend this school?

2.    What did you like and least about it?

3.    If you had to do it all over again, would you still attend the same school?

4.    What type of students do you see doing best at this school?

5.    What did you do in your free time while you were there?

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