The 4 Types of People Who Would Succeed in an Online College Program By Hannah Whittenly

With all of the emerging technology coming onto the scene today, it should come as no surprise that the field of online education has been a primary benefactor. For many people, the dream of earning a college degree has been put on hold for quite some time due to a variety of factors, most of them related to time. If you are one of those people, the growing popularity of online college programs could very well appeal to you. To find out if you are the type of person who would succeed in such a format, keep reading to learn more about four types of people who are most likely to benefit.


Those Who Enjoy Working from Home

If you have tried your hand at working from home and find that you really enjoy it, you likely have what it takes to be successful in an online college program as well. With some 40 percent of Americans currently working in some type of telecommuting capacity, this is a way to also prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to succeed on your own. All you need is a computer and a quiet place to study.

People Who Live in Rural Areas

One of the more common barriers to earning a college degree has long been one’s distance from a physical campus. It is not always feasible to drive a few hundred miles to the nearest college if you are in a rural area. An online program, however, brings the campus to you so that you can finally realize your dream of becoming a college graduate.

Individuals with a Strong Social Network

Many people find the isolation of studying alone to be too much to handle. If, however, you were to have a strong social network, this barrier can be overcome. You will have more than enough time to talk with and hang out with your colleagues, knowing that you can return home to study on your own time.


If you enjoy starting new endeavors on your own, then online education is for you. You will find that this platform is great for people who can set their own deadlines and then meet them. This is like being the boss of your own college education.

Online education may not be for everyone, but it certainly provides a viable option for millions of individuals who have been unable to continue their college education for one reason or another. If you are one of the people described here who could be successful in an online college program, consider contacting one in your area today. You will likely find an accredited degree program in a field that is of interest to you.