The Transformative Power of Higher Education: 5 Keys to Success in Life By Helen Birk

Higher education may seem useless for the majority of young people today because contemporary jobs require skills that no university can give. However, no matter what anyone thinks, it is still a powerful tool. Here are five keys to success in life using the transformative power of higher education.





Set Priorities

Nowadays young people are overloaded with tasks – including their education, job, and personal life. To manage everything on time, one has to set priorities, both global and partial. In terms of education, one has to think carefully about what book needs to be read, what essay writing websites to use, and what project has to be done. Managing everything at once is impossible, especially in education, which is why being able to set priorities properly might be a huge help.

Choose the Disciplines You Are Going to Use in Life and Pursue in Them

Being able to understand what discipline you want to connect your life with is a huge step to success. Paying more attention to these subjects and studying them more carefully than the others is already a success. The earlier the person starts making steps to his/her career, the better. Therefore, defining the disciplines out of all and pursuing in them is extremely important.

Publish Your Articles on the Chosen Discipline

You never know what you are going to do in life, which grants you are going to apply for, and which competitions you are going to take part in. The majority of competitions require showing the commission of your articles published, and the majority of the students do not become aware of it. You might graduate from the university and then decide to apply for some grant, but it will be too late because none of your articles has been published. It might take a day or two to write and publish one article, but it may change your life in the future and bring you success.

Take Part in All Sorts of Competitions in the University                                                             

The university life is unique by the opportunities that surround the student. The university offers many scholarships and internships that being simply interested is already enough to win at least one. The latter can move your career in a surprising direction. And remember, you only have time while you are in the university – afterward, the new era will come but without the university opportunities.

Start Working as Early as Possible

As mentioned before, for some reason, the jobs today require the skills that no university or college can give. The combination of work experience and higher education is a combo that is going to bring you success! Of course, those who choose to study well might not want to risk their grades for the sake of the early work experience. However, those who want to have great success in life will work harder than the rest.

About the author: Helen Birk studied at the University of Connecticut. Now she is a freelance writer for Edu Birdie. At the same time, Helen Birk writes a lot of articles concerning social issues and education; she promotes the power of it and encourages young people of all ages to study as hard as possible because education is a key to how to be successful in life. She questions what is education for all and provides an affirmative statement that through educational platforms she is able to influence the minds of her readers.