Tips for College Graduates: How to Decide Which Company is Right for You By Chloe Taylor

You’ve just graduated? Congratulations, that’s hard work! Still, as the moment comes for you to drop the college backpack and put on a business suit, questions about the best company to choose will begin to multiply at the speed of light. A hurried career choice can cost you a lot of nerves and time down the road, which is why you should think twice before you sign your name on the contract and call it your first job. Not sure which factors to keep in mind when selecting your future employer? No need to panic–check out the tips below and use them as a road map to set your career path on the right foot.



Jump into the Labor Market

Sitting on the bench never made a champion, so don’t wait too long before taking the plunge into the career world. Instead of letting months go by hoping your dream job will materialize out of nowhere, take a part-time job in your field of expertise or a related industry. Not only will a temp job put cash in your pockets, it will also earn you a few extra experience points which may come in handy later on, when the right long-term employer appears on the horizon.

Tap into Networking Power

If you don’t know how to begin to search for your first job, be sure to check out career websites such as SimplyHired, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and other online resources and see if you can find a job there which would be worth your while. You can also use social media as a handy tool when developing your network of professional contacts. After all, most of your peers are on Facebook and Twitter and many of them will be glad to help out a fellow graduate in dire need of a first post-college job.

Opt for Passion Over Money

Variety of responsibilities and growth potential are two more important factors you should bear in mind when selecting your first employer. You should join the line of work you’re qualified for, but if you’re unsure that you’d find the job satisfying in the long run, you can always retrace your steps and consider a career path U-turn. Also, be sure to check promotion possibilities and inter-departmental transfers the company offers, and the options to develop your skills and progress over time. Also, when deciding on the job to take, put long-term motivators such as passion and teamwork before cash. After all, money can’t buy you happiness or work satisfaction.

Do Your Homework

With a little luck, your job application will lead to a job interview, but before you show up eager to impress your future employer with your remarkable qualifications and skill set, it would be a smart move to do a thorough background check and see if the company is as awesome in the figures as it sounds in the job ad. You should also remember to ask the manager a few smart questions in the interview itself, such as their view of the industry’s future, business plans for the period ahead, local competition and ratings, what your typical day at work would look like, etc.

Always Plan for the Long Haul

When deciding whether to join a team whose head decided you fit their job description, be sure to take into account your future in the company. Even if the job you’re about to land looks like a perfect fit right now, be aware that you’ll probably outgrow it in a few years’ time if nothing changes. To stay on the safe side of the employment contract, always keep an ear pressed to the labor market. Your definition of a dream job will change over time, and you shouldn’t let a potentially profitable career shot slip your eye through sheer idleness or oversight.

A Brand Policy to Fit Your Bill

The fact that you’ve just been picked out for probation doesn’t mean your homework is done. In addition to line of work and salary, your future employer should fit your bill in terms of business policy, environmental responsibility, and other relevant work details. If you’re a green activist at heart, you can start your job search from tried and tested eco-friendly brands such as Industra Light, LUSH Cosmetics, Oracle Corporation, and Ecolab. After all, if you are going to spend a few years on board a team, its policy and values should be after your heart, along with the paycheck.

Ready to start looking for your first post-college job? Follow the tips listed above and make your company picks wisely. You only live once, so choose your work environment in line with your preferences and growth potential, not just your financial expectations. Good luck!