Top seven resume writing tips for college students

modern-creative-resume-template_102-2147487808Many college students worry that they won’t have a lot to put on their resume since they haven’t been out in the workforce, but not to worry. There are lots of ways you can build up your resume. In fact, you may have more marketable skills than you think!

  • Highlight achievements in school. Mention if you graduated with honors, earned a high GPA, or won scholarships.
  • List skills. Make things easier on your interviewer by highlighting key skills include a section for technical skills (such as HTML or WordPress) as well as “soft” skills, such as team building skills and strong writing abilities.
  • Use real examples. Did you help your employer save money on a project or implement a new process? Share these quantifiable examples.
  • Include paid and unpaid work experience. This could include volunteer work as well as part-time work, including internships and teaching assistant roles.
  • Connect your previous responsibilities to the job that you’re applying for.  Even if you haven’t done the exact job before, you may be able to show that you’ve learned the skills to do the job. If you answered phones in an office, for example, you’ve already learned to interact with the public and offer quality customer service.
  • Use action verbs. When highlight your experience, use action verbs (examples: developed, directed, solved, planned, enabled).
  • Mention additional activities. Include participation in academic clubs, charity events, or other activities that demonstrate your skills in areas such as leadership, collaboration, creativity, and/or perseverance.

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