Top tips on finding a summer job

summer jobAfter a busy year at school, you’re probably anxious to kick back and relax. But you might want to also think about getting a part-time job. Working through the summer is an important way to build skills and make contacts that will help you down the road, and to begin saving for your future. Finding that perfect summer job might be easier than you think.

  • Look in your own backyard. Often people you know can be an excellent source of job leads and referrals, so ask your parents, friends of parents, aunts and uncles, teachers, high school counselor, and other adults you know for recommendations.
  • Be proactive. Is there a company you’d like to work for? Why not write to see if they need help over the summer. Tip: Choose the right contact. If, for example, you’re interested in marketing, email the marketing manager or director, and be sure to highlight any skills you have in that area.
  • Build your resume. You may not think you have much real-world experience yet since you’re still in school, but you may have gained more skills than you think. Did you sell ad space in the yearbook? Manage social media for a student club? Tutor a younger student? Those are all valuable skills to add to your resume.
  • Put your volunteer experience to work. Ask organizations you’ve volunteered for if they have any part-time job openings. You’ve already proven your work ethic to them, so they’re a great place to start.
  • Create a LinkedIn account. A free LinkedIn account will give you a place to document and share your education and work experience, and to begin to learn how to network with people. Start out by inviting people, such as former employers, mentors, teachers, and others to connect with you online.

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