Transferring colleges? What to know before taking the leap

headed to collegeSo you’re about to make the big move and switch colleges. Before you decide where to transfer to, be sure to get answers to these questions from the admissions counselor.

1.  What are your admissions guidelines for transfer students? These may be more difficult for transfer students than for first-year students, so be sure to learn what the school is looking for.

2.  Do you offer financial aid to transfer students? Many universities offer merit-based aid to transfer students.

3.  How many transfer students are admitted per year compared to first year students? Some schools have few transfer outs, and thus little room for transfer students.

4.  What credits will transfer? Be sure the school you’re switching to will give you credit for the courses that you’ve already completed.

5.  What resources do you offer to transfer students? For example, some colleges have transfer coordinators and even special orientation sessions specifically for transfer students.

6.  Can I talk with a student who transferred in? It’s great to hear firsthand advice from a current student who has already transferred to the university that you’re considering. You can learn a lot from their experiences!

7.  Can I visit a class? Research the major you’re interested in to see if their program seems strong and is a good fit for your learning style.