What’s your major?

beautiful-question-mark-decorated-with-gear-shapes_279-10315You’re probably getting that question a lot! Everyone wants to know what you plan to study in college. The reality is that many college students aren’t sure what they want to study. In fact, at many colleges, more than 50% of students enroll with an undeclared major. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Today’s most popular degree programs include:

• A business degree can help you prepare for work in all kinds of places such as business, government, or nonprofit organizations.

• A social science degree will teach you to study how people behave. You may end up pursuing a career with a government agency where you research topics in this field.

• A health degree will cover basic sciences, clinical procedures, as well as health research. You’ll learn to care for people and educate them about caring for their health.

• An education degree will teach you how people learn and various ways to teach them. They explore educational psychology, classroom activities, and more.

• A psychology degree will help you understand the ways that humans act, feel, and think. They explore challenging questions that explore the human mind. You may end up pursuing a career in human or social services, or you may continue your education.

However, it’s a good idea to make a decision before you enroll in school if possible. This way, you won’t spend extra semesters in college to get the classes you need once you do choose a major.

If you aren’t sure what degree to pursue, you can:
• Audit a college course
• Take a few classes at a community college
• Ask your high school counselor about dual enrollment (where you can earn college credits while in high school)