Where in the world do you want to study?

Though it might seem odd to start a blog series about studying in the U.S. with this question, but the reality is many countries around the world have (or hope to) become popular destinations for international students. The decision to study outside your home country is one you may have been thinking about for years, or it may be a recent development as you see the world around you become increasingly more connected and open to students like yourself. Whether it is a family member, a friend, or your own initiative, there is literally a world of opportunities for academically motivated students to explore.

Where in the world will you study?

Where in the world will you study?

Data from the Project Atlas Initiative shows that in 2012, over 4.3 million students were studying outside their home country. World rankings of universities, like the Shanghai list, all show U.S. colleges and universities dominating the top spots, but rankings only tell a part of the story. While the U.S. has remained the #1 study destination for international students (followed by the UK at #2), other countries have been doing much to attract students like yourself. Take for example, China. A little more than ten years ago, China was not even in the top 10 countries receiving international students. In 2012, it was in 3rd!

If you are focusing on English language speaking countries, the obvious choices are the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and others. Many institutions from these nations have a presence on CollegeWeekLive, so we encourage you to explore those that interest you. As you search for possible options, you may have certain needs academically, socially, culturally, athletically, that you are looking to fulfill. Be sure to take advantages of opportunities to connect directly with institutions and their staff whether it be through the chat options here at CollegeWeekLive, or through the many other ways colleges and universities reach out to international students.

As you begin your adventure, we hope you return often to reengage with the colleges you meet on our platform. If you are considering the U.S. we want this blog to serve as reference point for you as you examine your options. In our next post, we’ll begin with an important piece on the importance of defining your terms.

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