Which MBA Specialization is Right for You? By Dixie Somers

You’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, but you know you want to go farther. You may have narrowed it down to an MBA, but are unsure which specialization is right for you. The following is a brief description of some of the concentrations available to MBA students.


The MBA degree, with a concentration in finance, can help you prepare for several lucrative careers. The coursework you can expect to take includes classes in financial management, analyzing financial statements, and capital investing, to name a few. These classes will help you prepare for various careers. Some of these careers include that of a financial analyst and a financial controller. Financial analysts help companies make smart investments. They analyze how a company has invested their resources and where improvements can be made. Financial controllers are responsible for all financial reporting within their company. If you are good with numbers and have excellent communication skills, you are well-suited for the MBA degree with a finance concentration.


Another great option for MBA students is the management concentration. Classes in this specialization include managerial accounting, operations management, and managerial economics, among others. This concentration will help you acquire managerial jobs across any number of fields and learn skills relevant to today’s workforce. The management concentration is perfect for people that like working with others and have excellent communication skills.


The MBA degree with a marketing concentration is great for those that like the analytical part of business, but also the creativity of the marketing field. Students can expect to take classes that include market research, digital marketing, and international marketing. These classes will give students the background they need to pursue careers as marketing managers and market research analysts, among other careers.

Information Technology

An increasingly popular area of study for business-aspiring students is an MBA with an information technology specialization. The coursework for this degree includes classes in information systems, database management, and computer applications. This degree option can help students prepare for careers as information technology directors or chief information officers, to name a few. Information technology directors, for example, can be expected to provide technical advice, as well as oversee a company’s technology needs and implement new software. The chief information officer is responsible for managing the entire IT department and coordinating the company’s strategies with the IT goals of the organization. The information technology specialization can help you acquire the skills necessary to effectively perform these job functions.

Choosing a concentration is a big decision. Whether you want to change career paths completely or advance in your current field, an MBA degree is a great way to do this. Depending on your career path and skills, these four concentrations offer students many options to further their career.