Why attend a US university?

university-of-washington-2_21179094Attending a US university is an experience like none other. But is it right for you? Learn five big reasons why more than 800,000 international students a year choose to study in America.

Gain a high-caliber education. Most US universities offer highly regarded degree programs, experienced teaching staff, and exciting research opportunities.

Expand your horizons. Attending a university outside of your home country introduces you to new perspectives and people. You will have an opportunity to meet students from across the US and from all around the world.

Improve your job prospects. Most colleges and universities in the US are accredited and are well regarded by potential employers. Also, many employers recruit from US campuses. If you are returning to your home country after graduation, you will likely find that employers appreciate that you have gained international experience.

Explore different academic topics. When earning your undergraduate degree in the US, you often can take classes for the first year or two of college before choosing your major.

Earn scholarships. Many US colleges and universities offer scholarships based on academic achievement, financial need, special skills, ethnicity, or other factors.