You can master the TOEFL!

best TOEFL scoreIf you are planning on attending a U.S. university, you will need to do well on the TOEFL, which tests how well you understand the English language as it is heard, spoken, read, and written. If you are concerned about your English skills, there is no need to worry. There are lots of steps you can take to improve your English language skills.

Plan ahead. You cannot “cram” for a test like the TOEFL. It takes time and patience to learn a new language. Practice reading, writing, or speaking English every day.

Read. Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary. Regularly read English-language newspapers and websites as well as books. If you come across a word you do not understand, write it down and look up the definition.

Listen. Watch English-language movies or listen to US broadcasts to help you get a real feel for speech patterns of spoken English.

Practice. If possible, connect with a friend, family member, or mentor who is a native English speaker to improve your conversational skills. This will improve your listening and speaking abilities. Ask them to be honest and correct your pronunciation as needed.

Use a QWERTY keyboard. The test is given on an English language (QWERTY) keyboard.

Test your skills. Check out the sample test questions.

Get help. If you are worried that your English language skills are not sufficient, consider getting a tutor or attending a class for students who are learning English as a second language.

Explore college materials. As your skills improve, you may want to read college texts in English, or attend a college class that is taught in English.