You have ten seconds

girl smiling


People quickly form opinions of us within seconds of meeting us, and that goes for college admissions as well. Here are some common sense steps to take to make a great first impression.

Dress appropriately. You certainly don’t need to be formal for most college admissions interviews, but wearing business casual attire is a good idea. A rule of thumb: Wear something nice that you might wear to a family get together.

Smile! Be warm and open with everyone you meet at the university.

 Spark a conversation. You’ll meet all kinds of people on campus. Take the opportunity to talk to people, from current students to faculty members. You never know who might be your new best friend at school or your best advocate for acceptance!

Be polite. When meeting with admissions counselors and others on campus, be polite and respectful of their time.

Be yourself. Don’t be nervous. Many people have been in your shoes and been new to campus.

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