Your summertime fun list before you hit campus

summer-holidays_23-2147507470There’s just one glorious summer left before you become a college student. Make the most of it with our “must do” tips for your big summer!

• Hit the open road. Get your friends together for an adventure and see where the journey takes you.

• Visit your old haunts. It may be a long time before you’re home again, so relish visits to your favorite parks, restaurants, and hangout spots.

• Do simply nothing. Once you hit campus it’ll be go-go-go, so find some blissful downtime.

• Get a new look. Now’s a great time to get a fresh haircut and pick out some new clothes to get ready for the school year.

• Enjoy family time. You may be itching to get out of your parents’ house but enjoying some time with the family is definitely worth working into your summer. After all, it’s most likely the last time you’ll live under your parents’ roof.

• Read. Whether you start reading the paper or dive into a classic novel, the more reading you do, the better prepared you’ll be for the coming year. And you might just enjoy it as well.

• Visit your college town. You don’t have to wait till school starts to enjoy all your new town has to offer. Check out the cafes, shops, and outdoor activities the area has to offer.

• Learn something new. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to drum or you want to be a better cook, now’s a great time to acquire new skills.

• Watch your favorite movies all over again. Complete with popcorn – and maybe a slumber party with your pals!

• Head to a festival. Check out your favorite band or get to know a bunch of new ones. It’ll be an event to remember!

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